Up In The Treehouse [2014 Remastered Edition]

by Ricky Patel

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My debut album, completed in early 2012 and recently remastered for download.

Click the link below to watch the official music video for 'Your Midnight Caller':



released January 31, 2014

All instruments by Ricky Patel.
Lyrics and vocals by Ricky Patel.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kyle Barton at Stegosaurus Studios.
Track 5 recorded, mixed and mastered by Ricky Patel.
Remastered by Ricky Patel.
Artwork by Ellis Beer.



all rights reserved


Ricky Patel Kent, UK

Official Bandcamp page for acoustic finger style / experimental rock artist Ricky Patel.

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Track Name: Chalk
Falling into pieces at your feet, I'm crawling away from your reasons to give me a different name. Now you promised me a different fate, in hindsight trust those blind eyes. Fragments you're looking for, hope you want them more than me. Trying to draw the line, then you realise that you've crossed it time again. I am reconciling this disgrace, this metaphor for love and hate. And someday you will recognise all your promises broken into lies before your eyes. Subject to all the change that leaves us restrained, that shifts all the blame to me. Face your fear, break it into a thousand pieces. Face it, your reputation's falling downhill. You better run and catch it before it rolls away. Stop it!
Track Name: We Never Seem To Break The Rules...
One day I'll make sure that I'm thinking for myself. I realise I'm always depending on you. And each time you bother you seem to make the mistakes. We always seem to be breaking the rules. Piling up problems like there's nowhere else to hide. We've lost ourselves so now there's nothing to lose. So give me time to shine, I assure we'll never seem to break the rules. You let yourself go, you let everyone know that the guilt has crossed your mind. There's no-one to follow, no words to swallow, you let yourself unwind and break out. I keep all my thoughts conceal, locked away 'till I die. And now every room's surreal, each ocean, every sky. I'm just a pin-point, where I move I can't decide. I'm a one man army fighting for my life, I'm fighting to survive. Four walls around me I can't move I can't replace, they're falling to pieces but I still cannot escape. And every moment that will fall upon my eyes will find no information of these feelings hid inside, will never find a way to cause a break through my disguise. There's no time for us now to state that we have changed our minds. So pick yourself up from the floor. There's no-one to turn to, everyone to hurt you, you let yourself unwind. The time we have is counting down, it's too late to decide. We're running from everyone else and we have no confide.
Track Name: Ambience/Ambulance
Waiting in the crossfire of slowing cars, anticipating your arrival but you won't get that far. You fail to see reason that it is not your fault. You're in the lay-by, in another world, you don't belong. They're making progress but your time is running short. If you forget to breathe there is no last resort. Put your hands on the wheel and don't ever step outside. There's only half a chance, without compromise. So you just can't listen to sounds of ambience to comfort you. They will attempt to break through. Hold your hopes in shades of red and blue. Hold your toughest dreams, they will subdue. Failing sunlight makes your statue. Hear the champions coming for you. They know best in what they do.
Track Name: Your Midnight Caller [Video Mix]
We walk side by side as survivors pass us by, never telling us a word, never spreading the rumours. We don't realise that the mouth is open wide and the tongue will have us bound while the jaws come crushing down. This is your nightmare calling. You can panic by yourself now. Catch the escape plans falling. They have always wanted you to stay here. Momentary relief comes with constant disbelief of shady misconceptions and trivial deception. The colours are reversed, the events are unrehearsed but we're sticking to our role as the story's left untold. This is your nightmare calling, and it's got all you've ever wanted. So grasp your ideas crawling, escaping you, escaping you. One last try to make it. I see you from the outside, you hold no difference. We're watching from the bedside, hearing broken sentences. Unhappy faces through closed eyes. The problem gets solved over time. Your happy faces, and lifetimes of open spaces and straighter lines. These ideal places bring bigger smiles, an unrelated storyline of facts and figures closely combined. Shaped and twisted to catch the eye.
Track Name: Battleships [New Mix]
I always figured life would pass me by. The moments fill each crevice in the sky and let the natural lighting disappear. Fear is the result of thinking of your fears and letting every thought distort your mind. Irrational or not, you can decide. Keep every sentimental view away from predators that hunt you day by day, or those that want to help you catch your prey. Birds are hunted down with bullets, not with words. They withstand the pain we have to take from the careless expressions that we make. Do you stand for anything at all? Hold tight because spite won't break your fall. There are always more like you. I never took the time to close my eyes. The dreams will never occupy my mind. These theories and beliefs are overdue. Think of battleships and archery, rethink your battle plan, your strategy. A tragedy that all the sin will never find its way outside of you.
Track Name: The Writer
Turn the picture on its side. You're left with four choices. Or tilt your head to suit the light. You're taking hours to decide. I wrote the books you'll never find while you search for an excuse, hoping for a quick reprise, or a reason to rescue. You're the diver without the suit and you're swimming down too far. I've got armbands and swim shoes to stop a happy accident. So brave the cold, embrace your lies. You'll let them go for one last time. What's underneath us, always unknown. Take a look to overcome what you have learnt, or overthrow a sudden turn. It's over now so you can take your hand away from your eyes and appreciate the surprise. There's nothing much to say now, the silence brings us all down for everlasting time, an instant that I can't describe. Let us sit and wait for the boat to sail to the shore so we can place our footprints in the sinking sand dunes, and through the waterfalls too. No rules will apply, and our castles will touch the sky. The hills are marked with sunflowers that take pride until sundown. While harbours look up to stars, we find Jupiter and Mars. We're lying on the hillside, hoping for a sunrise to open up our tired eyes, to let the clock tower chime. It's all I want to stand for, I want nothing more to take away all the delights of these imaginations. These thoughts and inspirations. These mindless observations, or any definition. The clouds block out the noises, we can't hear the voices expressing disappointment.
Track Name: Alter-Ego
One night I'll run away, escaping your trauma. We'll never find a way to put you back together. But until then we will be chasing shadows, we can't take off from this runway. You're overtaken by your alter ego, you change in each portrait. In time we'll always change to suit ourselves in different ways. You'll never change. Stuck to one persona. You mean each word that you say. Taking turns to take your time. To process thoughts that cross your mind. To push against what's in your way or find detours to the same place. You're always in another life, another world all intertwined. All this and you don't realise what's happening on the outside.
Track Name: At Arm's Width [New Mix]
Once a year is too long to wait for something unpredictable. Re-appear in new light and put on something more respectable. An event that's unknown to you even in the correct mindset. Reminders always lead him to forget. They're all scared that when he falls asleep he won't wake up. He's elsewhere, and never coming back to let us know. We're frozen solid waiting for a final word of wisdom. We still count the seconds, minutes, hours passing by, expecting every possibility declined. A red light failing to turn amber just in time. A shaking hand, a place of silence haunting, overseeing the death of man. A target pulled into the ground. And then it starts, it only started to give you a shock, but now you feel the fire burning. A slight delay, a second too far to pull you away, and now you feel the fire burning. I hope you feel the fire burning. And they all stand, all tired of passing lives and no experience. You're working hard, raising the distance between your arms, and now this can't ever start again. Stuck in the ground, buried enough never to be found, without the urge to restart again. Gripping the sand, with every grain stuck in your command. We're constantly counting down from ten. The blank pages will turn and speak for themselves.
Track Name: I Am A Lighthouse Man
There's something crying in your history, so don't go rushing back to far and end up drowning in your misery. You're feeling unsettled with who you are. Fighting laughter just to fake a smile. Forcing rainbows through your skies. You'll break the silence if you walk the mile, and find a better motive to preserve your final lies. I hear rumours that nothing gets too far from being old. Your own rumours that everything's a farce right from the start. Closer to the edges of a cliff that marks us on the corner of the landscape that is so familiar. Let us wait for tides to come and pull apart all the frames that we're sick of standing on. Turn our lives back to front so it's hard to carry on. Let us wait for hail to come, we will wait for tides to come. Here the sounds of a night that is slowly dying out. See the sights of a morning that will quickly pass us by. I will stand on the borderline, I will feel all the effects as we fight against our ends. We will stand on the higher ground and look down from a mountain side, looking down onto city lights. Falling down into traffic jams. Stopping time, holding signs as the lighthouse fails to shine. Let me pull your string and bring you back to earth again. As the rocks turn to sand, we hold more within our hands. And without extra weight, we do appreciate as the seas tear apart golden landscapes. Torn in half like some bullshit metaphor. I won't spread your wings or break your fall with someone else. We won't stop for one last time. No regrets for losing lives.